Thursday, November 8, 2007

What happened to the Blogging Dippers?

One of the first things I did when I got up this morning was go to my computer and go to the Blogging Dippers website wanting to see if there had been any commentary yet on the Saskatchewan election. There was only one article by "Giant Political Mouse" that mentioned that there was an election last night. (Even as I refresh the page as I write this article there is still only my own article on the election.) I know that there are bloggers here that are from Saskatchewan, but where are they?

When I started blogging just about a year ago, the Blogging Dippers was an action-packed place to be; there was commentary on everything under the sun, and lots of it. There was also pages and pages of the summaries past articles that had been written; now there are only fourteen (so in order to actually get a look at everything a Blogging Dipper posts, it's necessary to check the site every 8-12 hours!). And why is it that, out of those fourteen spaces, I see only six different blogs? With less summaries to see, there is less to see and thus less of a reason to go to the site and see (get my logic?).

I do realize that people have lives outside of writing on their blogs, but it is a real shame to see the only New Democrat blog aggregate having so little life to it any more. Every week, a woman from Macleans (her name is Katie O'Maley, or something like that) appears on CBC Politics with Don Newman to talk about what's going on in the blogosphere. When she first started (at the beginning of this season of the show), she did the recognize the existence of the Blogging Dippers. However, it has been weeks since she has mentioned us; now she talks about what's on the Blogging Tories, Lib Blogs and the Progressives. But no us; no NDP. Perhaps it's because there just isn't as much life here anymore. Perhaps that means we need to give it life.

And lately, out of the articles that are written, there has been barely anything about actual current political events. Not too much about the mini-budget, the Liberals abstaining, etc. etc. (That's why we don't get our opinions on CBC, because we aren't really giving the NDP view on the current, top stories anymore!) While I do enjoy reading the articles written on topics that I've never actually heard of before, and I have no problems against that, I do wish that we could be actually discussing current affairs, too. If we don't the NDP and Jack Layton are the ones who lose, because they don't get any backing from the blogosphere, like Dion and Harper do.

As far as I know, I don't even think we have an active blogger who lives in Ottawa! I know for instance that the Tories have Stephen Taylor. But who do we have actively blogging from the centre of the action?

Let's get this sorted out. Let's get the NDP message out again through blogs. Let's start writing precise political commentary. Each of us doesn't have to do it everyday, but if we all write even once a week something really great, the Blogging Dippers might just rise from the dead.


Wheatsheaf said...

In regard to your first comment about Saskatchewan posts from NDPers (hate the term dipper), I think it is a combination that Sk bloggers are a little slow off the mark today and that the SK NDP has been the troubling middle brother of the party.
As to why the Blogging Dippers are disappearing, I think most hanging with the Liberals at Progressive Bloggers, and many like to be an associated that they can criticize the NDP when they wish (typical amongst NDPers).
I confess that I am guilty of not having signed on yet. Despite my political views, my blog is intended to be an open display of what goes through my head, and not necessarily a mouth piece for an organization. I don't want to be a Cherniak.

Alex said...

I understand what you mean, wheatshear, but I would like to encourage you to sign on. Blogging Dippers (I know, the name is a bit odd) isn't actually affiliated with the NDP, it's just a community of blogs by people who like to think of themselves as NDP sympathizers, or who just feel that their values are best reflected by the NDP.
While I can't personnaly recall critisizing the NDP on my blog (although I might have), I would not feel pressured not to if I did have a negative comment to say.
And while I do understand that some people would prefer to be known as progressive versus partisan, why is it that Conservatives and Liberals have no problems being on their respective blog aggregates?

The main reason why I am bothering trying to revive the Blogging Dippers is because I feel that it is necessary to use our progressive voices, in addition to saying what we personally want, to backup the NDP, instead of just being a whole bunch of opinions floating around with no party.

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