Thursday, November 8, 2007

End of the SK election, end of an era

What can I say about last night's Saskatchewan election? While I was obviously hoping that all the polls were wrong and that the NDP could narrowly get into power once again, everyone was expecting a Saskatchewan Party government. Yes, there were some specific seats that surprisingly went from NDP to Sask. Party, but the grand total, province-wide results weren't all that different than I was expecting.

What the Saskatchewan Party will do in government is anybody's guess. They could go along with what they've promised to do, or who knows, they could go back to the Devine-times style of government. But either way, the 16 year string of NDP governments is over. While it would have been nice to add at least another four years to that, one can't expect to be in government forever. At some point, people are going to change, and when you really think about it, we should be thanking the Saskatchewan people that they didn't decide to change in the 2003 or 1999 elections (which even then would be a pretty good run for a single party to be in government). I guess this is just the type of rotation that naturally occurs in politics.

To a more local level, I was expecting that Frank Quennell (NDP) would get re-elected in my own constituency of Saskatoon Meewasin. However I was upset that Serge LeClerc (Sask. Party) won in Saskatoon Northwest (although not actually surprised). I was really hoping that Ken Winton-Grey (NDP) could pick up that seat, and for awhile, it was looking possible.

So in conclusion, I am not going to at all speculate as to what the Saskatchewan Party government is going to do with it's next half-year (until next summer) and it's next four years in government, and I think that anyone who does start speculating is quite irresponsible (unless that person is an opposition politician, because that's what politicians are supposed to do; they get paid for that). The soonest real hint that we're going to get will be their first throne speech that should be delivered within a couple months.   But I guess that's the way politics flows.


ken said...

The NDP in Saskatchewan has moved so far to the right and the Sask. Party to the left (ostensibly) that there was little to distinguish the two. Hence, even though the economy is good the Sask. Party was able to convince enough people that there should be a change of government.
The NDP sold their interest in an oil upgrader at the same time accusing the Sask. Party of hiding the fact that they would privatise crowns. The NDP has done nothing to re-provincialise anything. Their position on oil royalties is pathetic. Saskenergy is long gone as is publicly owned potash, uranium etc.
The people of Saskatchewan deserve Enterprise Saskatchewan. It will probably be Devine lite.
Maybe by Nov. 7, 2011 people will have had enough.

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