Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Sask. NDP's pre-election campaign

Wow, who know what all can happen with Saskatchewan politics during summer? But quite obviously a lot can happen, and don't forget the controversy with that.

To start off, I should mention what is becoming a pretty controversial thing in this province: the NDP campaign. Currently, the most noticeable aspect of the pre-election campaign are the 'Wolf-in-sheep's-clothing' ads, which appear of buses and billboards (the linked news article only really mentions the pamphlets), and will be in a pamphlet come election. Ever since this campaign came out (about a week ago), there has been at least a couple of articles on it every day in both of Saskatchewan's major newspapers. During this time, the Saskatchewan Party (essentially SK's Conservative Party) has spent all their efforts on trying to attack the NDP's campaign (surprisingly, they're not really attacking the NDP itself).

The next portion of the NDP's pre-election campaign is called, "The Same Old Sask Party". The website pretty much just speaks for itself. So far, it is an internet-based campaign.

I will post yet again a couple times in the near future on other matters in the Saskosphere (by the way, that's not a real word).

Monday, August 27, 2007

Long time no post ...

As one might notice by viewing my archives, I have remained in a political cave this summer. But now that the Monte Bello Summit is over, Québec by-elections are coming up, and the House of Commons is due to sit in three weeks, I thought it may be safe to return from my cave.

However, all the political action of the summer is now quite past tense, so anything I add to the blogosphere would have no point (if you wish to read the general idea of my views on recent events, please see

I'll try to put up a posting or two this week on les affairs en Saskatchewan, which might even be of interest to some of you Ontarians! In the mean time, check out another goof-up by the non-media world: