Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Part 3: Why and how you should support Barack

This is the final part to my 3-part series on Barack Obama (Democratic Party leadership candidate, U.S.). For my final part, I will highlight why Canadians should support Barack, and how this can be accomplished.

What Barack as President would do for America, and why we should support that
    This topic is answered by my previous post, and I would ask that you refer to that one. Barack's platform for America comprises several important topics, such as universal medicare, ending the Iraq war, and creating green cars and green fuel.

What Barack as President would do for Canada
    Of course, if elected, he would not be working for a better Canada. However, from what I've heard from other Canadians who support him is that he respects the importance of the relationship between Canada and the U.S. While I don't expect him to ditch NAFTA for anything like that, I believe that from the row of candidates for Democratic leadership, he would benefit his own people (Americans) and Canada more than any other candidate.

How you can support his candidacy

  • If you have any American friends, especially those who are eligible to vote in the Democratic primaries, call or email them, and talk about American politics, and Barack Obama
  • Buy Barack merchandise and wear it. Do this especially if you are taking a trip to the States.
  • Write blog articles on Barack, and why Canadians (and Americans if they read our blogs) should support him
  • Write a letter to the editor to an American paper and hope it gets published
  • Finally, you can "join the campaign" by going to his website, and at the top, enter your postal code and email address. I haven't figured out yet what this whole process is about, but I'm sure it's great.

This concludes my 3-part series. I hope by now, as Canadians, from what we know about Barack, can all rally around Barack and his campaign to be the next president of the U.S. Yes, right now, Canadians aren't particularly fond of America; this is mostly due to the last four and a half years of Bush as president. But I hope that, by supporting Barack, we can reconcile the relationship between Canada and the U.S.; Barack is not looking to continue what has been happening for the last four years, but instead, he is looking to turn that all around.


Canadian Dipper said...

Did you join yet? I did, and there is also groups of Canadians on it, too.

Anonymous said...

I'm just going to stay out of American politics. It's America, and I don't want much to do with them.