Monday, April 23, 2007

O MY GOSH! The opposition is destroying the world as we know it!

Last week, Environment minister John Baird released his brand new report on what would happen to Canada's economy if the opposition's (particularly the Liberal's) environmental plan came to be.

According to this report, if the emission standards of Kyoto were implemented in Canada, our economy would basically collapse, and many Canadians would lose their jobs (and the Conservative's will implement "meaningful" and "tough" action to combat climate change without hurting the economy).

Baird told the committee that analysis from economists shows implementing the Kyoto Protocol would mean the following:
- Gasoline will cost more than $1.60 a litre over the 2008-to-2012 period
- 275,000 Canadians working today will lose their jobs by 2009
- Job loss will cause unemployment rates to rise 25 per cent by 2009
- The decline of economic activity in the range of $51 billion

And by the way, I don't think anyone is sure what "tough" and "meaningful" action implies. Compared to what we should be doing (Kyoto), the original Clean Air Act was far short of being tough and meaningful (it was more like soft and easy-to-do action).

See, the thing that Baird doesn't realize is that Canada can actually create a 'green' economy which would be able to employ all the people who won't have jobs (note that his estimate his quite extreme), which in turn (by having the green businesses) would be able to bring more money to Canada's economy. And most importantly, the environment would benefit significantly.

Nor does Baird realize that if we don't actually fulfil Kyoto, all that supposed economic loss would really mean nothing when compared to the environmental consequences that will face our health, etc. etc. etc.

(To read more "Nonsense by Baird", read CTV Question Period's interview with him.)

This whole report of the Conservative government is simply a scare tactic to make it acceptable to Canadians how little the government is doing for the environment. It is not the government's job to scare people; it's the government's job to do what the people say needs to be done (also, polls indicate that the CPC is not the enviro-party of Canada; it's the NDP). Now wouldn't it be nice if the environment minister stopped wasting his time of scare-reports, and started to actually do something that is progressive?


Anonymous said...

Mr. Baird really needs to get a life. I can't believe that any Canadian could support him if he just wastes his time criticizing things like past governments. He needs to start doing something else (theatre drama, maybe).

Anonymous said...

Water vapour is the main greenhouse gas...90-95% and is totally uncounted in the IPCC models. The whole of the Solar System is warming (we can't get a read on Uranus because of cloud) according to NASA, and Arnold Schwarzenegger is running around the planet making deals for carbon trading on a gov't to gov't basis. Wake up and smell the scam!