Thursday, April 12, 2007

NDP taking on pet food regulation

A couple weeks ago, there was quite a lot of talk on pet food, as there was the pet food contamination at Menu Foods. However, all that talk has now died down, at least on the news.

As a pet owner (and one who buys Iams and Purina), I was particularly concerned about this whole event. But as much as I was concerned, I also spotted it as an opportunity for the NDP to make gains among pet owners. It is for that reason that I sent a short email to Jack Layton (or his office, I don't really know who checks it):

I obviously don't have to say anything regarding what has happened; it has been all over the news. As a pet owner, I find this particularly troubling. But, of course, I am not the only pet owner in Canada; of the people I know, at least 60% of them have pets. And many people, of course, are very attached to their pets, and would do a lot for them; possibly even move their political support.

So it is for that reason, as well as that this has made such a big impact on the news, that I would like to see my party, the NDP, move very quickly to take up the issue of pet food regulation in Canada. With pets being such an important part of many families in Canada, it only seems natural that the NDP, as the party of the people, should also become the party of "man's best friend". Also, I cannot for the life of me see any Canadian arguing against pet food regulation.

I hope that you agree with me that this is something that could be a great 'feature' to add to the NDP's family-friendly agenda: advocate for pet food regulation in Canada.

Close to a week later, I read in the newspaper that the NDP, particularly Olivia Chow, is now calling for pet food regulation in Canada. While I do not think that I was the only one to write, I do think that each call upon the NDP led to this. And as far as I know, no other party has taken the cause for the pets (another political victory for the NDP).

To kick-start this campaign for regulation, Olivia Chow released a video on YouTube concerning pet food:

Also, she created a petition (PDF) that we can all print off, get people to sign, and send it back to her office. I would encourage you all to do that.

So in conclusion, I would like to encourage you all to back up the NDP and Olivia Chow on this battle. While it may not be as big of an issue as, say, climate change, it is something where the NDP can score "brownie-points" with the electorate, and, of course, is a good cause, too.


greyburr said...

Glad to sign.What I find interesting is the reaction of the various pet food manufacturers to this issue.We feed Iams,Purina & Ceasar & also subscribe to each products web site..When the problem arose we recieved notification from Purina & Ceasar via email as to how it impacted their product,but not a word from Iams.Needless to say Iams is now off our list of pet food purchases & since we pay a premium for Iams it makes you wonder what a rip off their product was as well.

Alex said...

Thanks, greyburr.

One thing that I'd like to start doing is to buy from local pet food companies. In Saskatchewan, there is a company called Horizen, which actually manufactures pet food in Saskatchewan, and uses ingredients from Saskatchewan (not like Menu's stuff from China).