Thursday, April 5, 2007

Go Barack!

Even though I am Canadian, thus my life is not American politics, I am a supporter of Barack Obama. (If you're one, too, please leave a comment here!) And yesterday was one of those happy days for me: Barack managed to raise US $25 million in the first quarter of 2007, versus Clinton's US $26 million.

Most of us (especially the Canadian observers) know that money virtually drives U.S. politics, and, as a general rule, the more you have, the more supporters you are going to get. So while Clinton was able to get a million bucks more, Obama actually has more money to be spent in the Democratic primaries (Clinton has a whack of money she's not going to spend just now).

But I have a funny feeling that, from now on, Obama might actually start to get more money. One stat that backs this up: 90% of his donations were under $100, meaning that there are a lot of people who can still be tapped for more.

While the polls of democratic members supposedly put Clinton as front-runner, Obama actually has a greater donor base: he has more than 100,000 unique donors, while Clinton has half that (50,000).

So, yes, at the moment, Clinton has more overall support (if you like polls), but Obama has a greater fundraising base than she will probably ever have. And yes, Americans have traditionally been (much) closer to the right than Obama is, I think that once they see how much better life would be with his platform compared to the status quo, people might just change ideologies. So if it's true that money buys votes in the U.S., Obama could possibly be the next President of the U.S.A.

Either tomorrow or next week, I'll have a post on why I support Obama, and why you should, too.


Anonymous said...

I support Barack 100%!

Julian Benson said...

It doesn't bother anyone that the current Democratic candidates will spent in excess of $50 Million dollars on the leadership contest alone? With a great deal of that coming from the same corporations that hold sway over the Republican party, and just wait until the election campaign starts and the corporations REALLY start buying votes. Yet, with all that money the Democrats are raking in for their own interests, that nation still has no public health service despite it being a promise of every Democrat Presidential candidate since FDR?

I don't mean to be a total downer, but as far as I'm concerned, and I think thier policy record will back me up on this, the Democrats are even worse then our Liberals, and there's no way I'm supporting a party that has nothing in common with my values just because of that whole "lesser evil" mentality. I'll be pressing all US directed political energy to supporting the call being made out of a growing number of rank-and-file militants in the AFL-CIO for a REAL labor party in the states.

Samuel said...

He's not perfect, but definitely the best candidate.

Anonymous said...

I wish the American people will get rid of the Clintons and go for Obama, go for "change we can believe in" for the future. I too am a Canadian citizen from Quebec(and, thus, do not vote in the US) but my support for Barack Obama is 100%. He CAN beat McCain; Clinton NOT. So, I think in the end that, ultimately, A VOTE FOR HILLARY IS A VOTE FOR REPUBLICANS! Think about it my friends. Think twice.