Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Who and what is Ecotrust Canada?

You probably already know about Harper's environmental foundation called "Ecotrust Canada," established this year. But that is not the only Ecotrust Canada. There is a well grounded organization called Ecotrust Canada, that was founded well before Harper's version.

As far as I know, the original Ecotrust is not actually a registered trademark, but it is still slightly offended that the government created a program with the same name. So I do not expect there to be any legal consequences, I don't think that it was the smartest idea to call a program something before checking if the name is actually in use.

Harper hasn't said anything about this mistake, so I am guessing that he is trying to pretend it never happened, and that the real Ecotrust Canada actually exists.

So I wonder if the real Ecotrust will get more or less donations? If people think it is a government program, who's going to donate? I have an idea: maybe Harper himself should put in a few thousand dollars.

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Anonymous said...

Whatever. It's no big deal, but they really should be more careful.