Tuesday, March 27, 2007

What last night meant for Canada

The day Canada has been waiting for has passed: the Québec election is over! Everyone now is already familiar with the results (Liberal minority gov., ADQ opposition with a hint of PQ), but what is all this really going to mean for Canada?

Let's start with the obvious. Most political analysts agree that if Charest got a majority, Harper would have started making excuses for an election. If that is the case for a Liberal minority too, I don't know. So either: a) Harper has already decided that a Québec minority government is sufficient; or b) he's going to wait awhile and see what the ADQ is going to as opposition.

The biggest issue for Canada, however, was if the PQ would win, as that is the first step for Québec sovereignty. Obviously, Boisclair is quite far from having a government and being premier. Thankfully, a PQ government doesn't look certain any time soon.

So what did last night mean for Canada? It meant that Canada is not on track to lose Québec (unless the ADQ & PQ make some mischief), and Québec was not destined to never have a minority government again. Last but not least, it meant that Harper's love affair with Québec (which he said he wouldn't do when he was in opposition) didn't actually have the influence he wanted, and thus not getting the results he wanted.

Boy, politically, Québec is a funny place, but that funny place is an integral part of Canada, and I hope that doesn't change.

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Anonymous said...

Harper'll call an election no matter what. He's got 40%.