Wednesday, March 21, 2007

SK taxes = Quebec tax cuts?

As you know, Québec got a significant share of the spending in the federal budget (about $2.3 billion). But not all of that may go to basic programs which are in need of funding. Jean Charest, the Québec Liberal leader and current premier, said that if he is re-elected, he will spend $700,000 of that money on new income tax cuts.

Now I do not disagree that Québec should have the right to do whatever it pleases with it's newfound money (however, I do disagree that Québec should be getting so much more from the federal government), I do have a problem with the fact that my federal tax dollars, which are collected in Saskatchewan, are being used to give tax cuts in Québec (if Charest is re-elected).

Well, I can only hope that this will backlash on the Conservative government. Maybe Charest will be re-elected, and this money will be spent on tax cuts. While it doesn't have seem to made into a huge story yet, it very well could. Maybe next time Harper and Flaherty make a budget (if ever), they will consider the fact that people who live in the other 9 provinces and 3 territories don't want their money to translate into tax cuts pour les Québecois.


Giant Political Mouse said...

Here Here! I completely agree

Anonymous said...

When Harper was in opposition, he constantly complained that Quebec was getting too much attention, and the West was being ignored.

NOW LOOK AT HIM IN GOVERNMENT!!! He is totally contradicting himself.