Thursday, March 8, 2007

Rae taking away woman's chance to win

It's official: Bob Rae, former NDP premier of Ontario and former leadership candidate for the Federal Liberals, is running for the Liberal nomination in Toronto-Centre.

It's quite obvious why he wants to run in Toronto-Centre (which, by the way, includes Rosedale, that high-class T.O. neighborhood): it's a strong Liberal seat; he would win it for sure.

But all of this is kind of disgraceful for the party, as the other contestant for the Liberals there is a women, Meredith Cartwright. And time after time, Stéphane Dion has said that he wants more women Liberal candidates. And because Rae is Rae, a former premier with lots of political experience, chances are he'll win that nomination.

Yesterday on CBC Politics, Rae said that, while his nomination opponent is a woman, he does still have a lot of experience, so why should he not try just because of the fact that a woman is also running. While this may be true, I did find at the time that his comments seemed a bit 'Rae-centric' and cocky. But what do I care? They're the Liberals; they've already shown to be: a) hungry for power; b) without any real objectives and no one knows what they stand for; c) hypocrites; and d) to be fans on the good old 'Old Boys Club' system.

So it is not surprise to me to find Rae doing this, but for the sake of political honesty and diversity/acceptance, I wish he'd just step down as candidate and let the Cartwright run!


Anonymous said...

At least there's still a nomination contest.

Bad as it may seem, that's still a positive evolution from when Michael Ignatieff was coronated with Etobicoke-Lakeshore bypassing the nomination process.

Expelling a resident black woman in favour of a foreign white imperialist. Now that's sinking to great depths! Legacy of the Martin goons.

Kim Feraday said...

In some ways it is unfortunate that Mr. Rae decided to contest in that riding, given Mr. Dion's desire for more women in the party.

That said however, I watched Meredith Cartwright's interview on politics yesterday and she doesn't seem as upset about it as you are. She indicated that she had asked Mr. Dion for an open and transparen process and that is what's happening. She also indicated that she wanted the nomination to be contested, because she felt that it would be good for the riding.

From her comments it sounds that until recently she was the only nominee. I'm sure she would prefer not to be running against someone of the calibre of Mr. Rae, but that's the way it is. She also doesn't sound daunted by Mr. Rae and intends to put up a strong fight. I say good on her and good luck.

One other insight. It also seemed from her comments that she is pretty new to politics. My feeling is that win or lose she is looking at this process as a good experience for her.

robedger said...

So from now on men should step aside every time a woman runs?


Alex said...

I did not say that men should always step aside for women. What I meant is that when a woman is trying to enter politics, why should she be booted (I know the nomination is not completed yet, but be realistic) out for a guy who is an expert politician in a safe Liberal seat?

I think that Cartwright should be the Liberal candidate in T.O-Centre, so more women can get into politics, and the fancy expert politician Rae should not take Easy Street, and try to run in a place where he will have to fight more; he should actually try to be a party activist (for the wrong party, but whatever).