Tuesday, March 20, 2007

My Budget Thoughts

Enough has already been said in the Blogging Dippers about the budget, and I am now quite confident that everyone who wants to know what is in the budget already knows. So I am just going to talk about what I think about the budget.


  • There was definitely not as much money as I was expecting for the environment; I think it's only $4 billion or something. This is definitely not enough, in my opinion, to combat pollution. However, I do really like the idea they have about taking off a couple thousand dollars off hybrid cars, etc., and taxing gas guzzlers (13+ L/100 km) up to $4,000. They really should have put a biggar emphasis on the environment, though.


  • I was actually quite surprised by the lack of tax cuts in this budget, compared to what they put into my mind concerning tax cuts. Don't get me wrong, I do not support tax cuts, it's just that this budget is not a typical Conservative one; it seems more Liberal. But anyway, even for middle-class people, there isn't as much of a tax break as the last budget. And for low-class people, they actually get no income tax break; the people who actually need it don't get it. And the rest of the smaller tax cuts are just as pointless as the ones from last year.

Poverty and Low-Income initiatives

  • As I just said, there were no tax breaks for low-income people. Also, there were no real programs or funding put forward to help eliminate poverty. This budget was more centered on the middle-class people, and it contains that North American ideology that you should only think about what affects you, and not others. And seeing Flaherty was bragging how this budget is for all Canadians, and how family-friendly it is, it must make the lower-class people feel like they're not Canadians.

Another note that I have to put in. Today, in the Saskatoon Star Phoenix today, when they were talking about the budget, the authors made it seem like it was a fact that this is a family friendly budget. This is just ridiculous what the media can really do. Also, they just included junk about how amazing this budget is; there was no large stories about how not good it is.

So to conclude, I am glad that Jack Layton has decided not to support this budget. It is just a package of junk wrapped in a family-friendly banner. And while I don't at all want this budget to become law, and to actually have tax dollars spent this way, I am somewhat relieved that the Bloc actually will prop-up the government for two reasons:
a) I don't want another election already; and
b) It is more proof how the Bloc has dropped their progressive values, and it is another thing that the NDP can use in Québec to show that the Bloc is not representing les Québecois well.


Anonymous said...

I agree. There should have been much more for the environment. They talked a lot about it, but when it comes to actually spending, it's not their priority; tax cuts are. And tax cuts don't cut emissions.

The Q man said...

I am not sure if I'm happy that there is no election, or I'm unhappy that this budget will pass ……