Friday, March 16, 2007

L'Election du Quebec en 2007

As you know, Québec is having an election campaign now. It is now really looking like it's going to be a minority government for once (they haven't had once since the late 1800s). Lots of people in Québec don't really know who to vote for, and I can't blame them; the parties are considerably different than in English Canada. I spent most of yesterday researching the Québec provincial parties and their platforms. Here are the main ones, and what I personally think of them:

Liberal Party (PLQ)

  • As you know, the Liberals currently hold a majority government in Québec, under Jean Charest. The PLQ is, in fact, the largest (and almost only) federalist party in Québec, and thus get some votes based on that, and not actually based on their platform and values. Despite being called the Liberal Party, the PLQ is more right wing than center; their platform is quite based on Right values: smaller government, less taxes, etc. The PLQ also, of course, is constantly defending it's record in government.
  • My opinion: While I am a federalist, I would definitely not support the PLQ. It's right-wing policies, and (in my opinion) record in government, it is definitely not the best party in Québec

Parti Québecois (PQ)
  • Well there is not much to say about the PQ. They are currently the official opposition in the National Assembly, and are the biggest supporters of sovereignty in Québec. They have been in government a few times in history.
  • My opinion: This is definitely an extreme, pro-sovereignty party that does not quite represent me. Their platform, however, is fairly good; it has some ideas that a New Democrat would support.

Action démocratique (ADQ)
  • The ADQ is another pro-sovereignty party. Unlike the PQ, however, it is not on the Left; it is a right-of-center party. Also, it has never been in power. During this campaign, they have had a few problems with outspoken candidates (some of whom are no longer ADQ candidates).
  • My opinion: Definitely not my party. It's right-wing and pro-sovereignty.

Québec Solidaire (QS)
  • The Québec Solidaire is another pro-sovereignty, left-wing party (however, it is more left than the PQ). It does not currently have an MNA, but according to recent polls, is at around 5% support. Even though it is a small party, it does have a fairly broad platform. It has 123 candidates (out of 125 ridings) in this election.
  • My opinion: This is a party that I'd be more likely to support. I agree with much of it's platform, and it has good policy on have a French society (in lieu of a more English one). Again, it supports the idea of sovereignty, but that, of course, is not the only issue. If I lived in Québec, I would definitely consider voting QS, and if there was a referendum, I'd just vote No, but continue to support the rest of their ideas.

Green Party (GPQ)
  • Well, it's the Green Party; we all know them. They are federalist, and mostly focus on environmental issues. They have about 5% in the most recent polls.


Françoise said...

I go to vote for the PQ. It is the only party that has sense. Québec is a lot different than Canada, why is it that we need to remain a Canadian province, then?

Anonymous said...

So what, you want Quebec to separate? Just vote Liberal, at least there is not another 1995.

Julian Benson said...

Vote Québec Solidaire, the PQ is a small-l liberal party, the QS is the only real option for a working class guy like me. The right to self-determination was accepted by the NDP as a fundamental democratic right at the last Federal Convention. This doesn't mean we support separation, it just means that we aren't going to draw a line in a sand down the middle of the Quebec working class. We CAN work with left-wing soverignist while still advocating the benefits of a federal Canada without splitting the movement. Allow the sovereignty issue to divide Quebec workers would be a sectarian and chauvinist move on our part and guarantee a loss for progressives in Quebec.

Anonymous said...

I'm still angry after the PQ for doing the fusion of my city with the neighboring city.
Then I’m angry after the PLQ for allowing the de-fusion of some of those cities and the mount Orford privatization deal. Since I’m driving a green car Ford Ranger EV, I should be voting for the GPQ (but they are too small to make certain that the PQ & PLQ will not win). So my final choice is ADQ.