Friday, March 30, 2007

Jack did it again

Despite what many Canadians thought, the NDP was successful in significantly amending Harper's Clean Air Act.

This, of course, will make the Clean Air Act a much more valuable piece of legislation (although it would help to have some more envir-funding, too). Environment Minister John Baird, however, is not as delighted as the opposition parties are. He says that this new Clean Air Act will in fact be worse for Canada, as there are what he calls new taxes on Canadian industries.

Another 'funny' thing about what he says is the way he says it. Yesterday, when I was watching CBC Politics, Baird said that this bill will harm Canadian industry with the Carbon Tax. But then he goes on to say that the Conservative government will do "meaningful" actions to help the environment. Does that mean that the Clean Air Act now is too good, thus making it extra-meaningful, and Baird wants to stick with just plain old meaningful?

So while Baird goes around and says that this environmental legislation will hut Canadian industry, Canadian industry will continue to pollute Canadians without any financial penalties.

For the records, let it be known that Jack Layton puts people and their health first, and Harper and Baird prefer to give priority to companies that do not much else than pollute.


Prairie Kid said...

I don't believe the act was "amended". It was "gutted". Please explain to me how sending billions of dollars to other countries will make global warming slow down or stop?

This is the same as having terminal cancer and donating to the Cancer Society. It might make you feel good but it won't change a thing for your personal health.

Art said...

It penalizes companies in Canada who pollute, and rewards companies that don't. What's not to understand?

Don't you get that there is only one planet? We can't just clean up our act here and hope for the best in the rest of the world.

Kudos to Layton. Dion and May didn't want to fix the act, and accused him of being in bed with the Tories. I suspect they didn't want the act fixed, so that they could campaign on it. With Jack we get results, with Dion and May we get rhetoric.

janfromthebruce said...

At the end, Dion came to the table with the lib set of amendments. That's good. Too bad May couldn't of added a bit of 'green' cheerleading, like she did for Premier Stelmach of Alberta when he said that he supported intensity targets that wouldn't have prevented green house gases from growing overall. Meanwhile all of the other environmental groups essentially groaned.

Alex said...

To answer what Prairie Kid said: yes, we need to work a lot right here in Canada (like how the new bill has tough industry regulations), but, of course, Canada is not the world; we only have 30 million people or so.

The new bill is tough on industry. It makes complete sense to have the polluters pay; they are not just polluting themselves, but us and our children.

Global warming is a global problem. We need to help other countries, too (and take leadership), to ensure that something is actually happening.