Friday, March 9, 2007

Harper's Enviro PR Scam

Another day, another announcement. Harper has announced $155 million to research the 'art' of capturing carbon dioxide and storing it underground.

This is one of those things that is really pointless but still scores brownie points for the PM. I personally support the idea; it's going to take awhile until we can get off of the tar sands, and I have a funny feeling that Shell Oil is not going to pay for these projects (despite what their commercials tell us).

So to the reason why I support the idea, but not this particular project. The money is being spend on research, not the actual program, which would cost much more than $155 million. The thing is that CO2 capturing is a technology that is already being used. Sure, not in as much of a scale that would be required for the tar sands, but the basic system (it would not cost $155 million to slightly upgrade the existing tech). It is currently used in Weyburn, SK, and has been used for several more years at a company just north of Calgary.

Another Harper PR scam: get the public to think he's a good guy by investing in environment research, but the research is already done. Why won't Harper just put in the real money to start using this technology now?


Anonymous said...

He is just trying to make it seem as he's a supporter of environmental initiatives. But he's not. $155 million of research is a lot of money for something that is already researched, ain't it?

Keith said...

The tar sands is a pretty big thing to have to capture the CO2s. The tech will definitely have to be modified for the size and efficiency. Otherwise, more tax money would be wasted.

Anonymous said...

Some clarification would be nice:

Research is great, but is extraction of fossil fuel actually viable?

The Big Question: Is this "big nest-egg" Canada is sitting on going to prove to be a contributing factor in impending economic collapse this continent may face in the next five years when the USA can no longer sustain itself and everything goes bust (think: The Second Great Depression)?

- Side note to "Big Question": What is our government doing to set measures in place that would make an economic collapse less painful for us? Are we intelligently making trade deals with the next real World superpowers, China and India?