Monday, March 12, 2007

Conservative appointments show loss of Tory credibility

Another Conservative flip-flop. Did you know that the last 10 federal government appointees had close ties with the Conservative Party or its supporters?

Back in the days when the Conservatives (and Harper) were the opposition, and they seemed like they'd be the perfect government, they criticized the Liberal government for appointing Liberal supporters. But guess what happens when that opposition party got in? Harper did exactly the same thing.

Personally, I am not on either side of appointing friends or not. It makes no sense to have people in your government and administration who do not support you or your agenda, but it is also unethical to appoint your friends and strongest supporters to good-paying jobs; all of this in a sense makes "The Big Boys Club".

The problem that I see, and that Canadians see, is that Harper said one thing and did another. I wouldn't have bothered to write an article on this if Harper, when in opposition, didn't raise a fuss about appointments. But the case was totally different. Harper was hypocritical, and somehow or another makes excuses for things in Question Period that contain household phrases like, "After 13 years of Liberal government,"; "Canada's New Government,"; "A culture of entitlement,"; and sentences having some wording like sure we're not perfect, but look at the previous government. We're better than that.

While this is no new political stunt that has never been tried before, it does show another hole in the Conservatives' we're the good guys plan (along with appointing Senators to be ministers, accepting floor crossers, etc.). This is yet more proof that the Conservatives are no better at keeping promises than the Liberals.

Now both the Liberals and Conservatives have lost credibility. The doors of honesty are wide open for Jack Layton and the NDP.


Anonymous said...

Harper is definitely not the type of guy that someone would want as PM. When he was in opposition, it may have been helpful for him to have made a list of all his criticisms of the Liberals, to make sure that he wouldn't do them, too.

John the Tory said...

What else is he supposed to do, appoint Liberals or communists?

Anonymous said...

Doors of honesty? For Jack Layton? He needs to come clean on why he is supporting Harper and making little trades like supporting the clean air act in exchange for getting rid of ATM fees. I could care less about ATM fees if the price is a conservative majority and continued environmental degradation.

What ever happened to the NDP that had principles? Seems the NDp has lost what it stood for and not even unions are associated with them any more.

Alex said...

I would not say that, Anonymous (11:47 AM). Unions still are playing a big part in the NDP, it's just to a lesser extent as they cannot provide financial support. Sure a couple left, but there are still many more unions in Canada.

The NDP has definitely not lost what it stands for. It stands for working-class Canadians, and ATM fees can cost some people quite a bit of money for what it is worth. Why should we bow down to the corporations? Canadians may not see ATM fees as their biggest challenge, but it is one of those things where we have to gain ground on for people and their pocketbooks, and not let the rich get richer.