Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Wow, See Garth Jump

It's already old news (that's the thing about politics). Garth Turner because a Liberal. Booo; Yahhh. Canadians got it. He was a Conservative (but he will always be a PC), got kicked out because Harper didn't approve of his blog, and the fact that he was a journalist. He sat as an Independent for awhile, did "town hall" meetings with his constituents (none of them suggested he become a Liberal), and he became a Liberal (but as a PC at heart).

Because I am really constrained with time today, I decided that I'd get a summary of the blogosphere about Garth. Here is some of what I got.

Floor Crossing - Another Garth Turner Quote

Why Garth's move to the Liberals may have been smart


Garth the Grit

But seeing this is my blog, I might as well throw in what I think. Well, the NDP did lose its balance of power, unfortunately. For ethics, the NDP, and people in Halton who voted Conservative, this is bad news. But for those PCs there, for PCS across Canada, for the sake of getting this done, and for Garth, it is a good thing. Personally, I agree with the NDP: no floor crossing. I will admit, though, Garth's decision was more justified than, say, Emerson or Khan. The Conservatives did kick him out, and no MP deserves to be homeless.

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Anonymous said...

Floor crossing is still floor crossing. It was still the wrong thing to do, and then to ask for all of the other floor crossers to resign, it's ridicules. While it was the wrong thing, I do sympathize with him; being an independent stinks, and he was kicked out.