Wednesday, February 14, 2007

NDP and Economics

I wanted to point out Jack Layton's speech to the Ottawa Economics Association outlining his vision for the Canadian economy. He points out 4 "foundations":

  • Building a bridge to the green economy.
  • Leveraging private sector investment.
  • Creating fairness in a trading world.
  • Strategically investing in social, knowledge and economic infrastructure.

In my opinion, these are a start, but not quite completed. Yes, it is mostly based on the Left views, it is important that we also attract votes from the center-left Bay Street people, too. It has a bit of that (mostly #2), but not far enough on that scale.

Great plan, just needs a bit more thought, and it needs to appeal to the NDPers, but also it needs to show that the NDP can build a prosperous economy.


Bush-Basher said...

The Tories and Grits think they are the economy parties. Come On! They just give tax cuts to the wealthy companies, and think that it's good economics. To have a good economy, Canada also needs social policy, which only the NDP can bring.

Anonymous said...

the ndp the economy party? yeah, sure. this is the ndp secret platform:
- taxes on companies
- taxes on the rich
- taxes on the middle-class
- free stuff for the people who don't work

yah, great idea.

Anonymous said...

yeah, the plan is loonnnnnngggg, and it isn't that significant. Maybe they will add on to it.