Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Is the CPC website dissolved into the GC website?

Yesterday, it was raised in the House, by a Liberal MP, how Canada's New Government™ is making the Government of Canada's websites political. Quote from CTV story: The website of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada carried the minister's statement, which concluded with a jab at the Liberal opposition.

"At a time when the Opposition parties are being soft on security and soft on terrorism, Canada's New Government remains unwavering in its determination to safeguard national security,'' said Day's statement.

This is something I have noticed for a long time. The GC website has these political statements (not as bad as the above, though) all over it, and it, of course, always refers to Canada's New Government.

Well, I guess the gov. does have the right to promote what it's doing, but, outside of the House of Commons, it really shouldn't make any reference to the opposition parties.

Please note, on the GC homepage, how every news piece refers to Canada's New Government.     Also, note on the PM's website, at the top, it says, "Canada's New Government: Getting Things Done for all of us". Isn't that a bit partisan?

It is the peoples choice which political party they donate to, but tax dollars shouldn't be funding partisan websites.


Doug R. said...

That is completly unfair to Canadians. I pay taxes for services, not to promote the CPC.

Anonymous said...

Doug, Canadians elected the Coservatives, and they have the right to promote themselves.