Monday, February 19, 2007

Happy Family Day

Happy Family Day to those of you in Saskatchewan and Alberta. As I am in Saskatchewan, this is my first Family Day. Another stat, but I am still going to work, and write this blog. But enough about me; let's look at the politics of the Saskatchewan Family Day. Government of Saskatchewan announcement on Family day

This new stat was first announced at the last Sask. Throne Speech (October 26, 2006). As I was attending, I remember the Family Day being mentioned among the flurry of other great things that our NDP government is doing! Ever since that, and especially this February, this Family Day has been mentioned in just about every speech (that I've heard) by Labour Minister David Forbes and Premier Lorne Calvert. Last night at a Chinese New Year concert in Saskatoon, Minister Forbes got up to say a few words, including wishing us a merry Family Day.

So why did the gov. make this new day? While I have not talked to any government officials about this issue, I would guess that it was made to give people a day off. That's the great thing about NDP governments in Canada, they actually care about people, and they won't forfeit to keep the companies happy. Speaking of companies, this will cost them money, of course. It is estimated that this will cost $140 million. But for some reason, the Saskatchewan government has been giving corporate tax cuts (and the Fraser Institute of all things likes our government), to the amount of just about $100 million. This doesn't quite cover it, but everyone knows that the more rest your employees get, the better they can work.

Despite the celebration in the NDP, the Saskatchewan Party has been criticizing this move. They've been saying it is a pre-election tactic to get votes. So anything that is announced half a year or more before an election is a pre-election tactic? It is quite surprising that they are against another day off for working people (who before this didn't have a stat in January or February), especially seeing that even the Conservative Alberta has had this day for several years (which Brad Wall, leader of the Sask Party, said has done many great things for Saskatchewan. Like taking our people away??).

While the holiday isn't really going to affect me, I think that it is great to have another day off for people who really work hard, and for single parents. It would be nice, for a change, to see the Saskatchewan Party supporting working families, not just their wealthy friends.


Anonymous said...

Can't say no to less work.

Sucks to be the business, especially because there are so few works in SK. Less people working less hours. But why should the people suffer 'cause the biz can't find workers?

Anonymous said...

Another reason Saskatchewan is great! The NDP stands by people. If Brad Wall doesn't support Family Day in opposition, imagine him as Premier.