Monday, February 12, 2007

The Fifth Priority

Last night, I was watching Talk Politics on CPAC. Ken Rockburn was discussing the Conservative doings in the last year with Paul Wells from Macleans and another columnist from The Globe and Mail. Anyway, they were briefly discussing an interesting story about Harper's "5 Priorities". This is what I got out of what they were saying:

Last summer, Stephen Harper wrote an article (or had an interview with) a Conservative Alberta paper. In it, he tried to change his 5th priorty (remember the priorities? Accountability, GST cut, crime, child care (in some order) and wait times guarantees). You may have noticed that Harper has been struggling with the fith one (wait times guarantee) for some time. So last summer, he tried to change it. In this paper, when talking about the priorities, he named #5 as something like Canada's role in the world. Now this is something Harper can handle! 'Tis would be why he tried to change it. But alas for him, the scheme didn't work. Someone picked up on this new priority, so Harper had to go back to the one he was elected on (if you count 40% of the vote being elected).

And ever since then, he has still not fufiled the misfit in the Tory family: #5.

This is one thing I had to mention. The following is an exerpt about NDP Sask. Health Minister Len Taylor. I can't believe that a New Democrat would try to help cover up the Tories!

Saskatchewan Health Minister Len Taylor sounded a positive note about the conference Friday, saying much is going on behind the scenes.

"A lot of action has taken place," he said. "It's not always clear, it doesn’t hit the front pages of the newspaper or the first item of the radio or television news.


Anonymous said...

Another Harper lie!!!

Bush-Basher said...

Did Harper ever give a rebuttal to that allegation? He probably did, if it was really something. Unless, he was sincere in trying to be mischievous!