Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Ezra Levant on CBC

If you regularly watch CBC Politics with Don Newman, you would be quite familiar with Ezra Levant, the publisher of the Conservative (note the capital 'C') Western Standard paper. Unfortunately for all that is good in the world, he was once again with Don Newman yesterday, talking about Harper's environment stance. While most people in Canada are almost offended by Harper's environment stance and platform for being too weak, Levant thinks it is too STRONG of all things.

Here is a short, "rough" transcript of some of the things Levant was saying yesterday, from the blog thoughtinterrupted:

We are sympathetic to the Conservatives. We believe, though, that we are keepers of the ideological flame. And if the party we intend to favour strays from that, you’re right. I think your “shot across the bow” analogy is exactly right. I have enough faith that what they are doing is merely a tactical move. It reminds me in a way of when Stephen Harper came out in favour of the idea of the Quebecois as a nation. Holy cow! Is this distinct society, status and all the west was against when the Reform Party was founded? Or was it a short term tactical move to remove a hot potato from the agenda so that he could get down to his real business? I hope - and we would like to encourage - the Conservative government to do some “window dressing” thing like the Liberals did for 10 years, to make some noises, concede the stuff he’ll never win, do some things that won’t damage the economy too much, get this off the table.

The Western Producer also made its latest cover page about this topic. It depicts Harper as the Green Hulk, because he is taking (supposedly) greenness to extremes! It looks like he is tearing apart the Alberta Wild Rose.

This guy is a big shot at a some what major newspaper, and this is what he is saying! He was actually denying climate change, and hoping that Harper actually does nothing. We can only hope that this backfires on Harper.


saskboy said...

It's so absurd that supposedly educated people can be that far out to lunch. Greed makes people write terrible things I guess, and the Conservatives in Alberta fear their days of over-exploiting the land are drawing to some moderation finally.

Anonymous said...

That's the 'Western Standard' of course, not the Western Producer or has my world gone through a worm hole lately? Yes I saw Ezra Levant on the news last night. As I remember it he said "I hope they (Harper Conservatives) do just like the Liberals did for the last ten years. Pretend to care a lot but do nothing" (about global warming). He is right about the Liberals however. The faster Harper puts on green camoflage paint, the faster Levant washes it off. I can't wait for the next edition of the reform party to emerge from Alberta.

Kuri said...

I probably shouldn't be, but I continue to be amazed at the general idiocy that is Ezra Levant. If there were a dictionary illustration for "off-message" Ezra's grinning mug would be it.