Thursday, February 15, 2007

Elizabeth May Not Quite as Different as she wants to be

Today, I'm just going to simply post someone else's blog article, as it is something that, I think, we should all know about. This one is by Eugene Plawiuk on Le Revue Gauche. It is entitled Elizabeth May Closet Liberal. It is about how May is not quite as non-partisan, different and 'get right down to business' as she and her party make her out to be. Seeing it is quite likely that the Green Party is a rising party in Canada, and they are trying (and succeeding) in taking NDP votes, we as New Democrats need to know the merits of May and the Greens.

Elizabeth May Closet Liberal

Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party, interviewed on CTV's Question Period today spent most of her time attacking Jack Layton. Using Liberal talking points.

Like how the NDP brought down the government last year just when the International Climate Change Conference was happening, why that's straight off Scott Reids talking notes for the 2006 election. A challenge that the Liberals have used for the past year in attacking the NDP.

And how the NDP and Conservatives are collaborating on the Climate Change Accord in order to prop up the Harper government. Straight from the Liberal press clippings.

Clearly she see's Jack Layton and the NDP as her biggest threat.

She admited that the Greens took votes from the NDP and Conservatives in the London byelection. And she is thinking of running again there.

Is there a potential merger here between the Greens and Liberals......since they share the same talking points and share a common opponent; the NDP.

Luckily Jack and the NDP can take credit that they get things done in parliament, something neither Green Party or the Liberals can.

Published Jan. 7, 2007