Friday, January 19, 2007

The Prince of the Environment

Let's say that you won an environmental award (only for actually speaking about climate change a few times) and you live in Britain and the award is in the U.S. Should you go to the U.S., or do the enviro-option via video-link? Well, seeing your government wants you to go to the U.S. to show that Britain supports the environment, you decide you might as well go. Now, do you fly economy, or should you go all the way and take a jumbo jet and 20 other people along?

Unfortunately for the environment and for the sake of non-hypocrisy, Prince Charles decided on the latter option. He will be going to receive a Global Environmental Citizen award because he has, quote (from CBC), "spoken publicly on the threat of climate change". I've told people about climate change, I'm not going to the U.S., neither is Jack Layton or Elizabeth May. Environmental campaigner Joss Garman put it well when he said, "Flying to an environmental award ceremony is a bit like turning up to an Oxfam award ceremony in a stretch limo,".

As I said in the first paragraph, the British government wants Charles to fly there so that he can promote climate change as a key priority for Britain. I have this funny feeling that it is not the top priority for them. Even though Britain has a Labour government, this is one of those times when they are not quite as they should be (for example, the invasion of Iraq).

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Randy said...

I am actually surprised that whoever/whatever is giving the award to the prince is going to give him the award if he uses this jumbo-jet. If I were giving the award, I'd make him tele-conference.