Monday, January 15, 2007

Green Tax Incentives

There was a recent poll by Decima Research that found that 51% (based on those people who were polled) said that they'd prefer a hypothetical "Liberal" promise of a $1,000 tax break that rewarded environmentally-friendly purchases (i.e. Energy Star appliances, etc.) or behaviors (i.e. taking transit, bike, etc.) compared to the 28% of people who preferred a hypothetical "Conservative" promise for a $1,000 tax break with "no-strings attached".

Doesn't this say something? Canadians prefer tax breaks to be granted for saving the environment, thus producing less emissions, or using less water, compared to the Conservative philosophy to give random tax breaks to random (but usually middle/high class people) people for random (but usually to get votes) reasons.       Quickly, I will just explain why I put Conservative and Liberal in quotation marks in the first paragraph. I first read about this story on the CTV Politics Blog, and there was a comment that said, "Why would they assign party labels to hypotheical policies?", and then a reply, ". . . Good question, especially when the policies in question originated elsewhere in large part."

This results of this poll mean to things:
a) Canadians want environmental action, and believe it is appropriate to offer 'bribes' to get people to help
b) The whole Conservative philosophy that the GST should be cut for no particular reason (except to cut social programs) is not sitting well with Canadians anymore.

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Shawn R. said...

I guess this is looking a bit better for the Liberals, but it could easily be good for the NDP, too. Because it's bad for the Conservatives, people in Saskatchewan are more likely to go NDP than Liberal.