Wednesday, January 31, 2007


As you have probably heard already, the Environment Commissioner of Canada has been fired by the Auditor General. Johanne Gelinas has been constantly saying that the Government, nor its representatives, has not whatsoever interfered in this. She also has said that she has been talking to the Auditor General about leaving the job herself, and had the intention of doing so in the future. Then she goes on to say that this announcement was "a complete surprise to me."

While this is officially 'non-strange' or suspicious, it does have me thinking that there has been some doings by the government, and even if it was not the government itself, it could have been a senior official. While I may have dismissed this at a different time, it's just that the environment has been such a big issue lately, and that the Conservatives have been criticized for its initiatives, and Gelinas has been one of them. It is also interesting to toss in the fact that the Chief Electoral Officer resigned lately, even though, as I remember, he was to retire (or get his pension) in the near future. So this totals to two mysterious and suspicious departures within a month and two days.

Again, as I have no facts or any knowledge at all (like 99.999% of the population) as to this firing, I just wanted to actually raise the question: was she not doing the job right, or was she not doing the job 'right' (CPC definition: to do something right: to support the Conservative Party if you are a government employee)

Just before I go, let's look at a Tory blog article about this:
Here's one posted when this was just a rumor. They don't say that it would be a good idea. So this person must now think it was wrong.


rabbit said...

When you've got something other than shear speculation to go on, get back to us.

Anonymous said...

But every almost all political facts or issues start with speculation. In crime, every criminal is a suspect before an actual criminal.

Non-partisan junkie said...

Well, like it seems the author, and the two commentors believe, it is hard to have a reasonable opinion on this. If this was shown to be true, government involvment, then everyone will agree it was bad, and if there is none to be found, I guess no one will really know.