Friday, January 26, 2007

Attention: Deadbeat Parents

Are you a "deadbeat" parent? Deadbeat parent: a parent who does not pay child support Do you live in Ontario? If so, you could become an internet celebrity! By February of 2007, the Government of Ontario will have a website set-up to post pictures of deadbeat parents.

So why would a government do this? Well, it is quite simple: if you see someone you know on the site, they are betting that you will report them, and if you are on the site, they're betting that you'll start paying up. I would imagine that being on a deadbeat parent website would be embarrassing, especially if, say, your boss was visiting the site.

Here are a couple of exerpts from the CTV story:

Renate Diorio, founder of Families Against Deadbeats, says they support the move.

The maximum jail time for offenders was recently doubled to 180 days, and the province started suspending driver's licences for non-payment. Since then, the Office says, deadbeats have started paying up in larger numbers.

Moral of the lesson for deadbeat parents: either move from Ontario, or pay up.


Anonymous said...

I guess it's a good idea, but it does seem a bit weird. I wonder if your boss can legally fire you (or lay you off) if they see that you are some criminal scum.

Douglas MacLean said...

It all looks good on paper, but whats not said or explained is that typically, fathers, when they lose their jobs (btw - unexpected divorce and losing ones children, house, savings, etc tends to be a job distraction) have no money to go to court to change the already, and likely outrageous support amounts, and so quickly become 'deadbeats' due to costly papework/court appearances. The FRO (family responsibilty office), in its persuit of child support, abuses its power, and takes fathers to court to demand jailtime even if he's out of work or bankrupt (i had 3 court appearances last year for exactly this until the judge finally shook his head in disbelief, and told FRO to back off). FRO doesn't care. So fathers do leave, children do go fatherless, and society losses and pays the price, but what the heck, the government is more than happy to expand its budget to try and fix this endless ocean of problems that it, itself created. Yes, if it was just simply a case of paying a reasonable amount without the threat of court, 100s and 1000s would be out of work, just in Ontario alone. The welfare state desperately needs new business to keep going.

Anonymous said...

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