Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Are the Liberals serious?

Latest Poll (Broadcasted by CTV on Jan. 16, 07; poll by Strategic Council)

Liberal: 35% (down 2%)
Conservative: 31% (same)
NDP: 15% (up 1%)
Bloc: 11% (same)
GPC: 8% (up 1%)

± 3.1% 19 times out of 20

As I always say, polls are often a bit off (seeing they only poll 1,000 people or so), but they show a little something (not who will win, though). As the CTV news story says, by the results of this poll, it is unlikely that there will be an election this spring, because no one is really 'winning'.

A couple good things came out of here: the Liberals are down—meaning Dion isn't that great, and the NDP is slightly up—meaning people are regaining their former belief that Layton is the politician that gets things done.
Most people by now have heard that Stéphan Dion was speaking to a group of Bay Street people yesterday about having a green, money-making economy. He was saying how we can be buckets of money by becoming a world leader in green technologies and the like. While I do not dispute this actual claim that we can and should become world leaders in making green technologies and creating a green economy for ourselves, I question the actual promise to do so, and I have good reason.

Let's have a little game to see if there are any differences between the following two quotes:

"The economic opportunities are enormous. Countries that embrace the environment as a core priority will lead the global economy in the 21st century . . . As an energy superpower, Canada should be a global leader in the research, development, commercialization and export of clean energy and environmental technologies . . . And if Canada is to be a leader in green-based industries, we need a healthy concentration of blackberry-style inventions in industries related to the environment."

"Although Canada has a global reputation as an environmental leader and policy innovator, we have done little so far to benefit from the commercial advantages of this reputation. To do so will require supporting sustainable development initiatives taken by business, adopting strict environmental standards that spur the development of cutting-edge technologies, and funding research and development for green technologies. A Liberal government will make environmental technologies and services a major component of Canada’s strategy for economic growth."

Do you see a difference? Probably not. Let's go to the answer. The first quote is from Dion's speech yesterday in Toronto, and the second quote is from the 1993 Liberal platform (pg. 67; written by Paul Martin, former Liberal environment critic). My point: the Liberals have already promised to do this green-economy thing, but even though they had 13 years to do it, they obviously did not follow through.

If there are any Liberals reading this, you are probably thinking, "Well Stéphane Dion will be and is different. All Canadians can trust him." If you listen to a lot of political speeches, and if you were watching the 2006 Liberal Leadership Convention, you would know that Stéphane Dion sometimes talks about the "legacy of Paul Martin and Jean Chrétien". So, if Martin and Chrétien did not follow up of their environmental platform, and seeing that Dion is a big environmental guy (who sees the environment as a top priority), you would think the Dion supports their "legacy".

Obviously, the Liberals nor Dion are really serious about a green economy.


Anonymous said...

Another Liberal 'promise'! I thought that Dion would be a bit better than Martin, but especially seeing that he hasn't even 'confessed' this, I think it's a lie.

Devin said...

Do you know how I know that I can trust Dion? His dog is named "Kyoto". I mean, real environmentalists like Layton can deliver real results all they want, but until we start seeing some hot air, I'm supporting Dion and his empty promises.

wilson61 said...

Libs, yah gotta quit thinking that Canadians are stupid!!

The NDP has 'pushed' the Libs into any enviro programs the Libs put in the window.
You only have to go back to the NDP 2004 election platform and check it against the 2005 Lib budget.
(I'm sure Dippers can do a much better job of this than me, but instead of comparing to Martin, look inward, to your own party for comparison)

Dion's ideas are that of the NDP, Suzuki, the Alberta Government (check out the Ab gov sites!)...the list goes on.
Libs are collectors, not producers !!