Monday, January 29, 2007

Another Free-Trade Agreement?

House resumes today

The House of Commons will have its first sitting in 2007 today. So as usual, you can catch all of the happenings on CPAC. Question Period is at 1pm CST on both news networks.
I am currently reading a book entitled Sacré Blues, by Taras Grescoe, which is about the culture of Québec. According to this book, 2/3 of Quebecers believe that NAFTA benefited their economy. So seeing Quebecers like free-trade agreements, and that Charest is a bit nervous about an election, it is no surprise that Jean Charest, the premier of Québec, is looking into a Canada-European Union Free-Trade Agreement.

You may have noticed that I put a link above where it says NAFTA. Just for the sake of things, I will put it here again. I invite you to read my NAFTA blog article if you haven't already. It explains how NAFTA did anything but good for Canada, and how it handed a lot of our powers to the U.S. As the E.U. is more powerful and more populous than Canada, I am sure that the E.U. would, like the U.S. in NAFTA, receive a better deal, despite what Charest says.

Unfortunately, Charest has told the press that he has already talked to PM Harper, and the other premiers, and has received a positive response. I hope that you can see the problems with this: Canada's leaders are looking into the future without taking into consideration a similar agreement in recent history that was a disaster for Canada. I would like to know, however, which premiers, and how many, actually supported Charest on this topic.

The following is a quote from the CBC.CA story about Charest's suggestion:
Canadian government data suggests a free trade deal with the European Union would boost Canada's exports by $2.4 billion annually.

I'm wondering if this was data from Canada's New Government or from 13 years of Liberal government, both of which would probably support free-trade agreements. This also reminds me of when NAFTA came in. Brian Mulroney was telling Canadians how much NAFTA would benefit Canada and all Canadians. But, as we know, NAFTA was great for corporations and their CEOs, but terrible for the workers and average Canadians. It's obvious, as I have already stated, why Charest would be pushing for this, I cannot see why or how our (English-Canada's) politicians can support another economic failure.


Anonymous said...

Another agreement organized by the rich people so that they profit!!!!!

Blue_Man said...

Free trade benefits Canada, too. We can trade much easier with the U.S., which is the world's biggest consumer. Especially since we have so much oil, and they want it, we can really benefit. This would be better with the EU, as they have more people.