Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A 2007 Election & Budget 2007

Recently, I received a letter from the NDP, and of course, it was asking for donations (this time, Jack wanted $1,100). One interesting thing in the letter, though, was that on the bottom of each page, it said it was from the 2007 NDP campaign office in Ottawa, or something like that. This is even more interesting seeing the NDP holds the balance of power, and they are saying that there will be an election this year.

But it all makes sense. The NDP is constantly being criticized for "being in bed" with the Conservatives. If Jack doesn't support the budget, he isn't really in bed with them, is he? Personally, I would probably not vote for Harper's budget, as it will, like Harper said recently, be a budget full of more tax cuts, and, I would guess, even more money for the military, and bad environment programs.

This, however, does not mean that the government will fall. Remember the 2005 budget? The first NDP budget ever? That was in done in a Liberal government, and in order to make it worthy of the NDP, Paul Martin let Jack tamper with it by canceling billions of dollars for corporate tax cuts, and turned it into more transit, foreign aid, small business tax relief, and lowering the debt at the same time. If this could happen in the 39th Parliament, the NDP would be seen as a party that can get things done, a party that is not in bed with the Conservatives, and will get good programs for Canadians.

But if this dream that came to be in the 38th Parliament won't happen in the 39th Parliament, this won't be the shortest minority government ever. The average minority government in Canada lasts only 1 year, 5 months and 22 days (which would mean that the next election would be July 15, 2007).

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Anonymous said...

Just one point. The NDP does not hold the balance of power. Anyone of the three opposition parties voting with the Conservative government will keep it in office. The only change is that the NDP is now able to exert even that much influence.