Saturday, December 16, 2006

Letter to the Editor

I thought I'd post my Letter to the Editor (The Star Phoenix) that was published December 4th, 2006.

The recent announcement by the Conservative government that they want to fully pay off the national debt by 2021 will not benefit the majority of Canadians.
Of course, I believe that having low or no debt is preferable, but it matters on how you reach that goal. "Canada's New Government" has significantly cut programs in the short time they have been in power, just so they can lower the debt.
These were programs that benefited Canadians quality of life and our economy, because you need educated, healthy people to have a strong economy.
On the Department of Finance's own website, it states that "The Government is committed to keeping the growth of program expenses below the growth of the economy over the medium term." How can we as Canadians accept that our government is "committed" to cutting programs for Canadians, for the only goal of lowering the debt? A parent doesn't cut piano lessons or quality of food for the children so they can pay off their line of credit.
If Minister Flaherty was in Saskatoon, I'd like to tell him one thing: A government is supposed to do what will benefit the vulnerable and average Canadians.

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